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About us

Energy News is New Zealand's online news and information service for the energy sector including a comprehensive industry participant and energy asset database.

Energy News was launched in 2008. Readers from more than 300 subscribing organisations visit the site more than 4,500 times weekly. Its readership consists of New Zealand energy sector organisations and services companies spanning the electricity, oil and gas, petroleum and alternative energy value chain.

The subscription-based website provides executive interviews, news, opinions and commentary on a daily basis. It also hosts a suite of information resources including two large databases of the sector participants and energy resources. Other information tools include 30-minute electricity supply and demand monitoring, petroleum permit deadline summary, stockwatch, and an oil price monitor.



Energy News is published by Freeman, an experienced Wellington-based publisher of business news and information services for corporate, professional and large organisation readers. It also runs large industry events.

It was established in 2002 by Matt Freeman publishing business magazines and websites in the telecommunications and IT sectors.



To be New Zealand's leading provider of industry news, events and information.

To educate, inform and assist people in making decisions in their chosen field.

Our products aim to achieve excellence in news and information service by providing a rich content experience.

Our customers are our readers, our advertisers our stakeholders.

Content comes first.



Steve Rotherham - Editor, Energy News

Mobile: +64 21 477 572



Eamon Rood  Senior Journalist, Energy News

Mobile: +64 21 846 259



Greta Yeoman  Journalist, Energy News

Mobile: +64  21 646 103



Gavin Evans  Group Editor, Freeman

Mobile: +64 27 433 5845



Taylor Mundy – Subscriptions Manager, Freeman

Mobile: +64 21 149 2092



Jeannie Stirling  Digital Advertising Sales Manager, Freeman


Mobile: +64 22 105 6807



Irwin Munro – General Manager, Freeman

Mobile: +64 27 808 0748



Matt Freeman – Managing Director, Freeman

Mobile: +64 27 471 1113



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L11, Morrison Kent House

105 The Terrace, Wellington

New Zealand