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About us

Energy News is New Zealand's online news and information service for the energy sector including a comprehensive industry participant and energy asset database.

Energy News was launched in 2008. Readers from more than 300 subscribing organisations visit the site more than 4,500 times weekly. Its readership consists of New Zealand energy sector organisations and services companies spanning the electricity, oil and gas, petroleum and alternative energy value chain.

The subscription-based website provides executive interviews, news, opinions and commentary on a daily basis. It also hosts a suite of information resources including two large databases of the sector participants and energy resources. Other information tools include 30-minute electricity supply and demand monitoring, petroleum permit deadline summary, stockwatch, and an oil price monitor.



Energy News is published by Freeman Media, an experienced Wellington-based publisher of business news and information services for corporate, professional and large organisation readers. It also runs large industry events.

It was established in 2002 by Matt Freeman publishing business magazines and websites in the telecommunications and IT sectors.



To be New Zealand's leading provider of industry news, events and information.

To educate, inform and assist people in making decisions in their chosen field.

Our products aim to achieve excellence in news and information service by providing a rich content experience.

Our customers are our readers, our advertisers our stakeholders.

Content comes first.



Matt Freeman - Editor - Energy News

B.Com (Adelaide)

Matt Freeman - Managing Director

Founder Matt Freeman has nine years experience in niche business media and has won numerous awards for his publications. Like many publishers he has a broad range of skills including writing, editing, sales, marketing, accounting and design. His editorial interests are in business reporting. Freeman’s previous business experience is predominantly in sales, marketing and management in the retail travel and telecommunications sectors.

Mobile: +64 27 471 1113

Phone: +64 4 831 5151


Felicity Wolfe - Journalist - Energy News

B.A. (Hons) Media and Mass Communication (Canterbury)

Felicity Wolfe - Journalist - Energy News

Felicity has been a journalist since 2006. She began covering regional business stories in Queenstown for the Otago Daily Times at the time of the Global Financial Crisis and later took on a full time business reporting role at the Waikato Times. Two years working for Federated Farmers, editing the National Farming Review, gave Felicity further insight into primary industry issues, including rural energy delivery, consumption and conservation.

Mobile: +64 21 477 572

Phone: +64 4 831 5153


Josh Riddiford - Journalist - Energy News

Josh Riddiford - Journalist - Energy News

After a couple of years working as a policy analyst for a government department, Joshua decided to change direction and enter the reporting game.

Mobile: +64 21 356 654

Phone: +64 4 890 4272


Neil Wembridge – General Manager

BSc Management Science

Neil Wembridge – General Manager

Having previously worked for Total and Oracle in the UK, Neil has spent nine years as a strategic consultant to the New Zealand energy sector based in Wellington. As GM-Energy, he is responsible for the commercial side of the energy sector products of Freeman Media, including all events, map products, surveys, stakeholder management and business development.

Mobile: +64 21 190 2971

Phone: +64 4 890 4270


Jeannie Stirling - Digital Advertising Sales Manager

Jeannie Stirling - Digital Advertising Sales Manager

Jeannie began her career in media sales at The Evening Post and Dominion Newspapers. She went on to work in advertising, online and e-Commerce industries in the UK for a number of years before returning to New Zealand to serve the digital sector at Powerhouse People. Jeannie joined Mediaworks TV3 as the Central Region Sales Manager and progressed into national advertising sales strategy across TV, Radio and Digital platforms.

Mobile: +64 22 105 6807

Phone: +64 4 831 5157


Kate Barker - Research Analyst

BCS (Journalism)

Kate Barker - Journalist - Energy News

Kate is Freeman Media’s research analyst and is responsible for the premium content on the Energy News and Inside Resources websites, as well as being involved in the development of new and existing Freeman Media products and services.
Kate worked as a journalist for Energy News before moving into the research role. She holds a Bachelor of Communications Studies from AUT.

Mobile: +64 21 636 819

Phone: +64 4 890 4271


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